Suppliers and Partners

Communications is a key to building a strong supplier and partner network.

AGSG is committed to delivering excellence through strategic relationships with its suppliers and partners.


Our Suppliers

AGSG ensures inclusivity in our programs, routine feedback, and extensive opportunities for thorough understanding of work culture. AGSG strives to work cohesively with suppliers and mentors its suppliers for success. Exceptional supplier performance translates to improved services to AGSG’s clients and fulfills the goal to ensure its suppliers continue forward on the path of success.

Through high level of oversight and support for programs, AGSG and its suppliers have consistently achieved high levels of customer satisfaction.

AGSG takes its management of suppliers to the next level which is one of a true partnership. With its Supplier Relations Team and strong coaching and mentorship, it garners a higher level of attention and support for programs thereby yielding higher customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Supplier Diversity

As an Acro Group Entity, AGSG is a global solutions provider that is certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) as a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE). Acro has been honored by the NMSDC as a Corporate Plus® member, which is an unprecedented membership program for certified minority businesses of the highest caliber with proven capabilities to serve clients on large-scale national and international contracts.

While all expenditures under all AGSG contracts are considered Tier 1 diversity spend for its clients, AGSG does not stop there. We are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion and growing the utilization of Tier 2 diverse suppliers. The company has received many awards for exceeding its client’s Tier 2 diversity goals. Approximately 50% of AGSG global supplier network are business enterprises owned by minorities, women, veterans, LGBTQ, persons with disabilities, other diverse and small businesses.

Corporate Plus NMSDC Member

As a minority owned and operated entity, Acro Group of entities has managed 40 years of challenges typically faced by diverse businesses to become one of the industry’s largest minority-owned businesses in the U.S. We believe in paying it forward and are profoundly committed to coaching and mentoring other MBEs to the lessons we have learned so that they can avoid the pitfalls we faced, become best-in-class suppliers, and realize their full growth potentials.


Our Partners

AGSG expands its comprehensive workforce solutions services to government, high education, and other utilities by partnering with the top Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO). AGSG is prominently endorsed and adopted by many national and state government agencies through its partnership with these GPOs. Our team is honored to partner with OMNIA Partners to implement customized solutions for public sector clients and provide them access to talent with better cost savings, compliance, and program efficiencies.

Learn more about our partnership with OMNIA Partners & NASPO here