NASPO ValuePoint Temporary Employment Services

Acro is pleased to announce that we have a Master Service Agreement with the National Association of State Procurement (NASPO) for the State of New Mexico “Temporary Employment Services”

The Acro Advantage

Acro prides itself on being a valuable partner for public entities through its dedication to providing advanced staffing solutions and exceptional client service.  Acro has been providing services to the Public Sector including government agencies, public works, educational institutions, not-for-profit ventures, and more for over 40 years. AGSG has significant experience serving over 300 public sector clients, including multiple states, counties, and local government entities, and providing them with IT staff augmentation. AGSG is the first preference of majority of the public entities, including the States of Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, New Mexico, Nevada, Indiana, Iowa, Idaho, and New Jersey; the counties of Orange, Maricopa, Fairfax, and Wayne; the cities of Glendale, Irvine, Scottsdale, Buckeye, Goodyear, and Mesa; housing authorities, community colleges, K-12 systems, and universities; and many more.

With over 40 years of expertise, Acro is an industry leader in global contingent staffing solutions by helping its clients improve their competitive position by transforming their workforce. The Acro difference lies in thoroughly understanding the evolving needs and applying passion and determination to offer smart solutions, using its team of staffing experts and cutting-edge proprietary technology and processes to ensure its clients’ successes across every industry.


Acro specializes in providing an integrated hiring solution that includes sourcing, recruiting, and placement of the client’s temporary staff. With its managed tools and resources, Acro provides the flexibility that companies need to meet their staffing and recruitment needs. With the NASPO Temporary Employment Services Contract Acro can provide your agency access to Temporary Staffing services in the following categories:

  • Administrative Support, including Office, Clerical and Sales

  • Professional Services

  • Industrial/Commercial Workers

  • Health Care, Clinical

  • Health Care, Non-Clinical

  • Information Technology

This Master Service Agreement is available for use by State governments, Political subdivisions (i.e., colleges, school districts, counties, cities, boroughs, etc.), the District of Columbia & Territories of the United States, other eligible entities subject to approval of the Chief Procurement Officer of that State, and compliance with local statutory and regulatory provisions

Benefits of Master Agreements

The convenience of one-stop, online shopping

Keeps administrative costs low for purchasing entities, as there is no need for solicitation.

Obtain more favorable pricing by using nationwide purchasing power in lieu of smaller individual state or local government entity purchasing power.

Solutions for Your Workforce Needs, Find Your Right Fit

Experience the ACRO DIFFERENCE, when you choose to work with us!

A Trusted Partner:

We work closely with you to understand your organization and your needs. Acro’s experts then help you identify the solutions that will help you achieve your goals and work with you to implement them in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our consultative approach endures throughout the relationship, ensuring that your services meet your needs long into the future.

Job-Specific Experts:

No matter the position you are looking for, we know how to source it. Our recruiters work in labor category-specific teams and have prior professional experience in the category they recruit. Therefore, we know the ins and outs of how to find the right person, and what skills and qualifications will make a candidate a great fit.

Advanced Recruitment:

Over the years, Acro has developed a comprehensive recruiting operation to make sure we find the people you need. Acro’s proprietary recruiting process, called RiteSource, reaches the right talent, thoroughly screens candidates, and refers them to you after careful evaluation.

Round-the-Clock Service:

Acro’s dedicated team of program managers work collaboratively and continuously with you, and interfaces with placed employees and any subcontractors, to make sure you get the right talent at the right time. Our team members are always available to you seven days a week and on all holidays because your staffing needs go beyond the usual 9 to 5.

Exceptional Account Management:

Throughout our partnership, we will work in a highly streamlined fashion, providing invoicing, management, and employment information in the most efficient and effective way possible. We want you to be able to focus on running your organization and leave staffing overhead to us.

Contact us to learn more. Email us at or call us at 505-797-2446

Solutions and Scope

Acro offers participating NASPO Partners public entities a range of services to help you access and manage talent in a more cost-effective and streamlined way. The purpose of the Master Agreement is to allow Acro to provide Temporary Employment Services to all Participating States throughout the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia).

Services included in the Temporary Employment Services Contract are limited to:

Administrative Support, Including Office, Clerical and Sales:

Acro specializes in providing recruitment and fulfillment of a broad range of contingent workforce including administrative, accounting, and finance, call center, food service, sales, skilled labor, technical, medical, and clerical staffing solutions in all skill set categories.

Professional Services (Non-IT):

Over the years, Acro has developed a comprehensive recruiting operation to make sure we find the people you need. Acro’s proprietary recruiting process, called RiteSource, reaches the right talent, thoroughly screens candidates, and refers them to you after careful evaluation.

Industrial/Commercial Workers:

Acro has over 30 years of experience in the light industrial and commercial labor market. We provide all types and levels of temporary blue collar and commercial contingent labor.

Information Technology:

IT professional service provided through a separate division for software application development projects. Projects are completed either on-site or off-site using leading edge technology, tools, and practices on Microsoft certified platforms and more. AGSG’s software development center is CMM Level 3 certified and well suited to serve its clients’ best on this opportunity considering its many differentiators and competitive advantages.

Pricing and Product

Pricing is made easy with Acro and NASPO ValuePoint. All prices are transparent and based on set rates for each labor category. The designated baseline price list (MSRP, list education) would normally be at 55% markup vs. the NASPO contract at 19.45%. Acro delivers the right talent, at the right time, and the right price, all while maintaining the desired product and service schedule (PSS). Acro adopts a 2-day turnaround on positions for all lines of business except for IT positions, which is typically a 4-day turnaround.                                                      Call us at 505-797-2446 or mail us at to learn about our competitive pricing.

Our Clients

Acro has 68 offices around the country and delivers staffing solutions in all 50 states. Our extensive list of clients includes state and local government entities, public organizations, K-12 and college and university institutions, and nonprofits, as well as small and large Fortune 500 companies. No matter their size, Acro clients attest that Acro exceeds expectations for service, quality, and cost. Acro Government client's Includes State of Michigan, State of Florida, State of Indiana, State of Texas, City of San Diego, CA, City of Stockton, CA, Orange County, CA, Irvine, CA, Santa Clara County, CA, Stanislaus County, CA Housing Authority, Charlotte County, FL and many more.

A few words from clients include:

County Procurement Official

“Acro helps us better understand the contract labor market, and with their single point of contact for the entire County, they have eliminated the silo approach we used to have and helped us build institutional knowledge. With the success of this new centralized, single point of contact approach, we are moving most (if not all) of our contract labor personnel ordering, time reporting, and billing to the new online Acro XRM System. This will simplify the management of the program immensely for the County.”

Procurement Director, Government Official

“We are utilizing the temporary staffing contract awarded to Acro. Under the Acro contract, pay ranges are established, and markup rates are already negotiated. The markups are less than our previous competitively solicited contract, saving us money, and Acro was willing to reach out to our local vendors to establish contracts with facilities in the local area. For us this was a real win.

“I personally just used their services for the first time, and I was very pleased with the selection of candidates that were submitted.”

Contract Term





Renewal Limit


NASPO ValuePoint Contract Documents

We are happy to talk with you about your unique needs and explore whether our array of human capital solutions can help you. For specific queries or concerns please reach out to Acro's Sales Contact Leah Pelletier, CCWP at or call us at 505-797-2446.